MHART is a New York City based jewelry and armored skull collection established and created by Michael Hartney. Inspired by the nostalgia and vintage designs of the 60’s, Michael branched his thoughts out further and established this interesting and unusual modern jewelry line with a vintage feel.

Each piece is handmade in New York City. From the sourcing of hand cut beads from India, to straight-cut deer skin lace from Colorado, the pieces embark an aura of modern yet tribal jewelry. MHART uses raw pewter to create each unique piece and then plates them in 18k gold or sterling silver. Each design is either adorned with Swavorski crystals or hand cut beads from India.

Designing and creating jewelry for MHART is not only a passion – it is therapeutic. These pieces truly make a statement that says “practical” and mindlessly easy to wear.
Hanging out #cat #mhart #fur #fox

Hanging out #cat #mhart #fur #fox

Tagged: #fox #mhart #fur #cat